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Your customer has not even entered your place yet, but can already browse your menu card. Fewer waiter trips, faster service, more satisfied customers - that's what we offer

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About us

We've created a tool that saves time for both the guest and the waiter - so you can improve the quality of your business.

Good food and a friendly waiter are the soul of a restaurant.

How can we help you achieve this?

Electronic menu and ordering app on Facebook Messenger

  • Your guests can order on the spot using the app
  • Faster service, more time for your guests
  • You retain the personal touch

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Our product

Time is money

Waiters don't have to rush to tables or queue in front of a work station terminal.


We only automate as much as necessary. Your guest can also order from the waiter using the waiter call function. Our carefully measured processes help maintain the personal touch in your restaurant, while allowing your guests to monitor their own consumption.


Track orders up to six waiters on one tablet screen. With your guests' consent, you can use their consumption data to give them personalised discounts. View daily, weekly and yearly consumption in one place.

Known platform

Facebook Messenger is used by almost everyone, giving you instant access to millions of people in Hungary and abroad.

21st century technology based on centuries-old hospitality

Not lost, just transformed.

  • Orders can be tracked by your staff (waiter, counter, kitchen), personalised and tailored to the task.
  • We can integrate it with your existing system.
  • Guests can also book a table using the app.

Why is this good for your business?

You save

Work force, time, and bill complaints. All in all: you save money and eliminate the possibility of mistakes.

More satisfied customers

Faster access to food and drink - your guest decides whether or not to speak to the waiter or just order the next round via the app. They can also continuously monitor their consumption. Clicking on the payment icon they have a choice to pay by cash or card.

Higher quality service

More time - more kindness.

New markets

Easier to attract a younger audience without a major investment.


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